Create Hundreds Of Playable Ad Campaign With Synative

One of the biggest issues that we heard from mobile developers this past year about playable creatives was the issue of testing massive amounts of advertisements for their game to help them find which ones worked well for the best ROI.

Many had no problem when it came to creating different display ads inside an app. But as video ads became the norm, the growing worry was how to build so many different types of ads and test out which worked.

How could someone make so many different video ads and then test out campaigns for them when the price of building one video ad was expensive and spending more just to make a few small changes might not be worth the extra time and effort? It was a question mobile marketers always have in the back of their mind. Working too hard for little return.

Now with introduction of playable ads, many companies have the same difficult task they had with video ads, creating playables that can be fun as well as interacting with the player in different ways in each ad. The difficulty seems to be compounded, frustrating a lot of people into not trying playables at all.

Synative really understands how you feel. The effects of A/B testing in the mobile and casual gaming space can create enormous rewards for those who work hard on improving ads every day. If you’d love to hear a whole talk on the subject, we’d recommend you watch this excellent presentation by Erdem Inan, director of marketing for Peak Games.

The main reason for all of this testing is for a few reasons:
1. Different demographics will like different ways you promote your game.
2. Different locations around the world will have different tastes in what they like.
3. Not everything you like as a marketing group will be what your players like.

As seen in the Casual Connect video, you can tell they create slight and small visual changes and can see profound increases. For videos and most playables, this seems impossible. Budgets are never big enough to allow for this sort of opportunity.

Luckily with the Synative Playable Studio, we’ve fixed the impossible, by allowing you to build multiple playables in just one day. Not only could you make numerous types of playables, but you can also export these playables to different ad networks and Facebook.

Let’s take this example:

Mike is the User Acquisition Lead for Caveman Games. He’s been asked to show off the fun of their newest game, Caveman Wars. He decides that to really grab people’s attention, the player can choose one of 2 different items from the game to help them get a head start after downloading the game. He decides to give the player either a lot of food, a weapon for better hunting, or fire for the player to improve their health quicker. He also added a sabretooth tiger as a joke prize to get a few laughs from the players.

For players to win one of these items, Mike decided players will choose one of the two doors in the ad and then download the game with a hidden deeplink that allows Caveman Games to know what the player chose and give them the item at the start of the game. (Who would need a sabretooth tiger?)

So with 4 different items, there are 12 different playable ads he could choose from. So which playable ad would he choose? In the past with the cost of making a playable so expensive, you’d most likely ask people in the company for their opinion, pick two or three choices everyone agreed on, and hope for the best. Here’s what John chose:

Now all John has to do is hope these ads have great performance and pick the best of the three. But with Synative, You could create every ad combination with the Synative Playable Studio. With our service, you could just add the videos you need for your ad in a matter of minutes, allowing you to build all of your ads in just a few hours.

Here’s just one example:

With the ability to quickly customize what parts are in the playable and then add the deeplinks inside your ad, we could make 12 playables in a few hours. And with the multiple ad networks already native to the Synative Playable Studio, exporting to them is a breeze. Many developers we talk to use at least three different ad networks. So that’s 36 playables made in one day.

You might also think 36 playables must be incredibly expensive compared to just three. But with a subscription to the Synative Playable Studio, You can make as many playables as you like, making the price even more affordable than outsourcing or taking the time to build it yourself.

Having this much data can lead to a lot better information on which ads are working and which ones you should be spending more on, building a better ROI for the company compared to hoping you hit the right one. Let’s compare how Mike did to using the Synative way of creating playables.

As you can see the three ads that were being built by Mike weren’t as good as the top two from Synative after testing. You can see it’s easy to make mistakes, but much easier to make great decisions with the added information you get by making playables with Synative.

If you are ready to put your playable ads into overdrive, you should talk to us now! You can start by registering for your own account and getting a 7-day free trial of the Synative Playable Studio today by clicking on the “START NOW” button at the top of the page.

January 15th, 2019