Playable ads are a fast and cost-effective way to boost your player acquisition and game downloads.

Synative Engagement Network specializes in native gaming ads - prompting millions of active gamers to download new games each month!

Alternative Playable Ads Fit Publishers' Games

Every marketing strategy is unique, which is why we have a variety of playable ads to choose from. You may want to test a few different types of ads to see which one generates the best results. What is most important is that you convey the fun and value of your game or service in 30 seconds or less. Here are your options:

Rewarded Playable Video

Compared with the traditional incentive videos, the trial advertisements have improved player participation in advertisements, increased developer revenue and reduced interruption to players.

Adapted Interactive Video

These are a square or rectangular interactive video advertisement that remains open on the game, playing a continuous demo of your app. Publishers have the freedom to set video size ratio to better adapt your ad to their gaming interface.

Playable Banner

Banner ads certainly aren’t new, but our banners are dynamic video ads that feature your app icon for easy recognition. When a player clicks on your banner they will be prompted to your demo or automated gameplay. Once the ad is complete they are automatically routed to the app store to download your game.

Trial Ads Wall

Another type of rewarded ad, but not the typical in-app trial, as no download is required! Gamers searching for free points or coins get rewarded for watching your trial ad. It’s a win for the developers too as they are compensated, with a bit of cash that adequately corresponds to the points the player earned. This experience funnel is shorter than forcing a download and play time, resulting in a far higher conversion rate for you.

Free Creative Service For Advertisers

Native Playable

We utilize video streaming technology to deliver a real and interactive gaming experience. Our creative loads fast so you won’t lose the gamer’s attention.


Adapted Interactive Video

We’ve applied HTML5 to create fun and engaging gameplays from different levels and perspectives, empowering users to view a short snippet of your app in-motion.


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